Regional League

The Regional League is the second tier to the National League.

The Regional League is for U12-U19, boys and girls.

The Regional League is made up of qualified, nationally recognized member leagues, clubs, and/or organizations.

The Regional League will showcase top leagues and/or organizations second teams or medium-to-small-size clubs first teams that want to compete at a national level.  Teams will advance out of localized league play and/or competitions to go directly to the North American National Championship held in Tampa, Florida each July.

Each member league and/or organization of the National Leagues Alliance will be allocated a specific number of automatic qualifiers to the North American National Championships based on size, strength, quality, and history of success at other regional and national competitions.

Top Regional League teams will embark to the North American National Championship to compete in a five-day event that will culminate in National Champions!

The North American National Championship will be held at the stunningly, beautiful Tampa Sportsplex (click here).  The Tampa Sportsplex is host to 15 beautifully manicured Bermuda grass fields with premium LED lighting.  

Each National Championship Final will be held on one of the 14 pristine Bermuda grass fields at the Tampa Sportsplex.

Q&A.  Is it true that you can play in your league that is a member of the NLA as well as other leagues or competitions?  YES!

Want to Join The Regional League?  Apply here.

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